Governing Body Membership and Governor Categories

The governors are two elected Parent Governors (Mr Peter Vernon and one vacancy we are in the process of filling), the Interim Executive Co-Headteachers (Mrs. Christine Boxall / Mr. Chris Norris), the elected Staff Governor (Mrs Natasha Brayshaw), the LA Governor (Mrs Anne Vetch), the three Co-opted Governors (Mrs Siobhan Tywang, Mr Gareth Burcher and Mrs Nicky White) and three of the four Foundation Governors (Mrs Jan Crawford, Mr Robert Stockdale and Rev'd David Macha).

In addition Mr Jeremy West has been appointed as an Associate Member of the Resources Committee.

The Governing Body is working to fill the remaining two posts.

The text below this point contains the detail of the previous Governing Body of Grassington Primary School which existed up to 31st January 2017 and is retained for information only.

The Governing Body of Grassington Primary School is made up of a maximum of eleven governors.

Currently there are eight governors in post, and the Governing Body has decided that, in the run up to the planned Federation, which is due to take place on 1st February 2017 there is little benefit from appointing or electing new governors who would only serve for one, possibly two, meetings before the current Governing Body is dissolved.

Two of these governors are Parent Governors. They are elected by the parents and carers of all children at the school at the time of the election.  Each Parent Governor is elected for a period of Four Years and they retain their position as a Parent Governor until they resign or reach the end of their four-year period of office even if their children have moved on from Year 6 to Secondary School.

The Staff Governor is elected by all members of staff employed directly by the school to work at the school, regardless of whether they are a Teacher, Teaching Assistant or Administrator, etc.  Staff who work for one of the NYCC Traded Services such as Building and Cleaning Services, or County Caterers are not eleible to vote or to be elected, unless they are also paid directly out of the school’s budget.  The Staff Governor also serves a four year term of office, but if they leave or retire they automatically resign their role as a governor.

The Local Authority Governor is not a policial appointment, but is someone nominated by the Local Authority and confirmed in post by the rest of the Governing Body.

The Headteacher is automatically a Governor. In our case, Mrs Christine Boxall and Mr. Chris Norris, the Interim Executive Co-Headteachers of the four school federation in Upper Wharfedale, have 1 seat automatically as Governors at all four schools.

Grassington Primary School is a Church of England School and has two Foundation Governors.  One is the Rector and he holds his (or her) office as a Governor on an ex-officio basis.  The other Foundation Governor is appointed by the Church of England’s Diocese of Leeds and is normally nominated by the Parocial Church Council in conjunction with the Rector.

The four other governors are Co-Opted Governors.  They are appointed by the Governing Body to bring skills and knowledge to the Governing Body.

The Governors and their category of office and the end of their ‘normal’ terms of office are:

Category of Governor Name of Governor End of Term of Office
Parent Governor (1 of 2) Vacant
Parent Governor (2 of 2) Vacant Mr Matthew Harrison resigned November 2016
Foundation Governor (1 of 2) Rev’d David Macha Ex-Officio
Foundation Governor (2 of 2) Mrs Barbara McLoughlin 14th September 2018
Local Authority Governor (1 of 1) Vacant
Co-Opted Governor (1 of 4) Mr Ian Douglass 5th July 2019
Co-Opted Governor (2 of 4) Mrs Siobhan Tywang 20th September 2019
Co-Opted Governor (3 of 4) Mr Adrian Atkinson 8th March 2020
Co-Opted Governor (4 of 4) Vacant
Interim Executive Co-Headteachers: Mrs. Christine Boxall / Mr. Chris Norris
Staff Governor (1 of 1) Vacant Mrs Dee Tulley resigned November 2016
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