Mr Gareth Burcher

I was born, the youngest of three children, in Upper Cumberworth and spent the first nine years of my life in the glorious countryside of Denby Dale. The Summers were long and involved snaking around the long grasses of the fields behind our house or paddling in the stream on the way to the woods. The Winters were proper Winters. Hard, yet fun. Icicles as long as your arm formed in guttering and the snow fell to such an extent that six foot fences were lost beneath small, crunchy feet. Upper Cumberworth school was much like Cracoe. Small, mixed year classes where children played across age groups and were given more flexibility to learn at their own pace than had they been at one of the larger, urban schools.

It was a joyous place and I was incredibly sad to say goodbye when we followed by father’s job to the Wakefield. Despite my young age, those early years have stayed with me and were a major factor in my desire to give my children the same experience. Moving from a large, primary school in London with ninety children in a year to a school of fifty in total did come with some trepidation but the children couldn’t be happier and more settled than they are today at Cracoe. I am passionate about maintaining these experiences for future generations and supporting the Federation as best I can.

I still travel to London most weeks for work leading a insights and strategy team that helps shape the commercial activities of a large technology company. I also occasionally dabble in music production – the original passion that first took me to London seeking bright lights and fame too many years ago to admit.