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The Governing Board has a duty to report on attendance by Governors at meetings and to publish all Declarations of Interest, including relationships to members of staff, etc. A number of the governors held posts on the predecessor Governing Bodies.

The Governing Board of the Upper Wharfedale Primary Federation aims to meet six times a year.

All Governors are also linked to aspects of our current School Development Plan, and to curriculum areas which they monitor through visits to school and discussion with staff.

All twelve governors’ posts are filled at present.  This is what they each say about themselves:

Governor Roles and Responsibilities January 2020

Ella Besharati
Mrs Ella Besharati
Executive Co-Headteacher
Christine Boxall
Mrs Christine Boxall
Executive Co-Headteacher
Mrs Anne Vetch
Local Authority Governor & Chair of Governors
Reverend David Macha
Foundation Governor - Ex-Officio
Mr Kester Horn
Foundation Governor
Maggie McLellan
Maggie McLellan
Foundation Governor
Mr Robert Stockdale
Foundation Governor
Jacqui Eames
Co-opted Governor
Mrs Siobhan Tywang
Co-Opted Governor
Mrs Nicky White
Co-opted Governor
Mrs Niki Child
Parent Governor
Mr Peter Vernon
Parent Governor (Vice-Chair of Governors)
Miss Wendy Thompson
Staff Governor
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