Governor's Vision Statement

To enable each child to maximise potential, achieving the best possible outcomes, engendering a love of learning, in a safe, supportive, nurturing and family environment, by:

  • using the opportunities that the Federation offers to create centres of excellence, each with a distinctive ethos, allowing each child to access the very best learning environment
  • maintaining and developing a collective and inclusive approach to teaching and learning across the Federation

Governor's Welcome

There is one Governing Board for the whole Federation which oversees the work of all four schools.

The Governors’ role is strategic in nature and we do not get involved in the day-to-day management of the Schools, responsibility for which lies with the Executive Headteacher. The Governing Board works closely in partnership with the Headteacher with specific focus on matters pertaining to strategy and school improvement.

As part of our role, we also agree the principles guiding Federation and School policies and actively monitor and evaluate how the policy framework is applied within the Federation and individual Schools. We also have responsibility for reviewing and approving the Schools’ budgets to ensure financial sustainability, probity and value for money and monitoring progress against this throughout the year. The Governing Board, as a whole, meets regularly throughout the year, in addition to the meetings of its various subcommittees. All Governors are also linked to aspects of the Federation Development Plan.

In order to discharge their duties effectively the Governing Board has a range of skills. These include experience and expertise in Financial and Business Management, Teaching and Learning, School Leadership, Public Relations, Human Resources, Marketing, Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Premises Management and Performance Management.

Anne Vetch, Chair of Governing Board

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