The Upper Wharfedale Primary Federation

On Wednesday 1st February 2017 the four schools of; Burnsall VA, Cracoe & Rylstone VC C of E, Grassington VC C of E and Kettlewell Primary Schools, federated into ‘The Upper Wharfedale Primary Federation’.

This does not mean that the individual schools have lost their distinctive natures; far from it, the new Governing Body is committed to maintaining the nature and ethos of each of the four individual schools, whilst developing a stronger unit.

Our aim is sustain and develop the good standard of ‘Primary’ education in the Dale. We are building on our individual strengths, whilst strengthening the whole. We share our staff expertise across the four schools thus benefiting from a wider range of knowledge and experience, than is usually found in very small settings. The school staff work closely together supporting each other with curriculum areas and assessments. They plan joint learning events for the children, where the children learn whilst forming a wider circle of friends in an enriched environment.

The Senior Leadership team

The senior leadership consists of:

  • Two executive headteachers: Mrs Besharati and Mrs Boxall


Base Leaders:

  • Miss Thompson, Maths Leader           – Burnsall VA Primary
  • Miss Oakes, SENDCo                             – Cracoe & Rylstone CE Primary
  • Mr Roe, Science Leader                         – Grassington CE Primary
  • Mr Scott, English Leader                       – Kettlewell Primary

All of our senior leaders are trained designated safeguarding leaders.

The Federation has one Governing Body which consists of two elected Parent Governors, one elected Staff Governor, one Local Authority Governor, the Executive Head teacher, and four Foundation Governors. In additional three Co-opted Governors positions are appointed to the Board filled following a skills audit analysis: this ensures a balance and inclusion of necessary skills.